•    From Factory direct to Foundry
•    We process 1,000t per day
•    Fast, flexible payment
•    No middle-man
•    No broker

A compaction unit or baler can boost how distribution centres process there waste.

When it comes to retailers or a distribution centre, we are also willing to help add value to your waste. It is time to look at every posable area for saving the costs on your product’s packaging.

  • Keep a close eye over the control of your waste at every stage of your project
  • Significant savings as reuse goes up and landfill goes down
  • Looking over your current waste stream how we can make them better in regards to probability
  • Waste management processes that are compliant and fit for purpose.

Our specialist buyers are not only available to give you the very best prices for your metal, they are also the people to speak to if you require a total waste management package.